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Back office support can make or break your construction company and that’s where we come in. We can do you the most good by bringing order to your chaotic contractors bookkeeping mess! Most of our clients come to us because they believed they needed someone to straighten up their contractors bookkeeping services system, help them get current or quarterly payroll tax filings, sales tax returns and a variety of other tax issues. That is only the tip of the iceberg! 

The real value in working with us is not just getting you out of trouble now but keeping you out of trouble in the future so that you can focus your time and energy where it will do you the most good…acquiring profitable and pleasant customers and clients and satisfying their needs. 


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This is one more example of how Fast Easy Accounting is helping construction company owners just like you put more money in the bank to operate and grow your construction company. Construction accounting is not rocket science; it is a lot harder than that and a lot more valuable to construction contractors like you so stop missing out and call Sharie 206-361-3950 or email


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Dec 24, 2021

This Podcast Is Episode Number 451, And It's About What Is Your Contractor Superpower?

As a Construction Contractor, much of your world is Outside The Box. You make what seems impossible and turn it into a finished product; the whole house remodel, kitchen or bath remodel, new roof, install an attic fan, replace windows, deck, patio, hot tub, swimming pool, children's backyard playhouse. 
The Handyman Contractor fixes "Things," which are very important to the clients who need them—fixing a door, hanging a closet rod, moving something, removing something. Compared to a Whole House Remodel, it may seem like you are not doing anything. The reality is that to the person who needed the work done that a few simple little things may change their whole world for the better. Your Work as a Handyman Contractor brings joy to their life. Be Proud of it. No job is insignificant, and no construction business is too small for us.
I want to be the person who says Merry Christmas! You have earned it. 

It's the holiday season which means everyone is busy thinking of everyone else. Wrapping up the end of the year, getting one more thing done that makes sense. Many Holiday movies are variations of "Scrooge" based on "This Is Good" and "That Is Bad." Anyone who has not had any challenges in life has been either extremely lucky or in a very protected bubble. 

Life Happens. Challenges Happen - some good, some bad depending on the perception of the event.

We can all look back and see what we might have done differently. The question is: Did we make a decision? Did that decision seem to be the best decision to make based on the information on hand at that time?

If you and I make a thoughtful decision (not a knee-jerk reaction), then it is a good decision. Sometimes we think - I should have, could have, if and only, but, because and [fill in the blank]. These are negative thoughts that are not useful. All negative thoughts drag you down into a wrong mental place.

I offer The Serenity Prayer As A Beacon Of Truth: 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Between religions, the name of God may change; however, from my viewpoint, the message of the prayer is the same all over the world, no matter the religion. The key is that you have a choice to believe, what you want to believe, and how to practice your faith. The sun rises and sets for each one of us every day.

  • Embrace Life
  • Enjoy The Day – Moment By Moment.
  • Do Something Fun.
  • Watch The Sunset.
  • Listen To The Birds Sing.
  • Hear A Train Whistle.

Rejoice in the laughter of children, for they are embracing their world with complete abandonment at that moment. Smile. Think happy thoughts. The simplest things are free.

Every day, everyone can find a reason to be frustrated if they are looking from that particular view.

The other driver is driving too slow, too fast, recklessly, music is too loud, passing out hand gestures, honking their horn, on their cell phone, texting, car issues of smoke from the tailpipe, car smells, bad tires, no headlights. The list of things to be annoyed about is endless; no one is exempt.

While we are annoyed, there is nothing more dangerous than someone crossing the middle of the street, at night, wearing all dark clothes, either being clueless of the danger or playing chicken with cars. Drivers, everywhere at some point during the day or nighttime hours, will see it happen repeatedly.

It used to be when we heard someone who appeared to be talking to themselves that they were (to put it politely) a little troubled in the head (an old-fashioned saying). Now with cell phones and wireless headsets or earpieces, it is a little harder to pick out the people who appear to be talking to invisible friends.

What is your Contractor Superpower? The power of choice. 

    • Increase your pricing
    • Which projects do you say YES to
    • Collect job deposits
    • Ask the client for money
    • Your working hours
    • The area of the country where you want to live

You have the power to choose what is best for you, your loved ones, and your construction company.

It is easy to listen to the news and become depressed, agitated, or think the day's challenges are hopeless to overcome. Mother Teresa (of Calcutta) said it best: We, the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Life is a journey that happens one day at a time, one decision at a time, one choice at a time. Tomorrow is a new day with every potential of being happier if we allow it. We will continue empowering and advocating for contractors and construction business owners like you.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

About The Author:

Sharie_DeHart_President_Fast_Easy_Accounting_Serving_Contractors_All_Across_The_USA_Including_Alaska_And_Hawaii-1Sharie DeHart, QPA is the co-founder of Business Consulting And Accounting in Lynnwood, Washington. She is the leading expert in managing outsourced construction bookkeeping and accounting services companies and cash management accounting for small construction companies across the USA. She encourages Contractors and Construction Company Owners to stay current on their tax obligations and offers insights on how to manage the remaining cash flow to operate and grow their construction company sales and profits so they can put more money in the bank. Call 1-800-361-1770 or